Accessing Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law (FNREL) Digital Library on Fastcase

How do I access FNREL content on Fastcase?


Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law (FNREL), formerly Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation (RMMLF) Digital Library has moved to the Fastcase platform. 

To access FNREL content on Fastcase:

  1. Use the Fastcase link from Boley Law Library's A-Z Databases list.  Alternately you can use the FNREL link.
  2. On the Fastcase7 dashboard, select Browse Libraries
  3. If prompted to pick a jurisdiction, select whatever jurisdiction is appropriate for you (OR)
  4. On the next screen, FNREL Annual Institute, Special Institute, and Journal materials are located under “Treatises and Books.”

screen shot of fastcase 7 dashboard indicating the browse libraries button

screen shot of fastcase browse libraries view with FNREL content highlighted

Answered By: Sarah Johnson
Last Updated: Sep 15, 2022     Views: 151

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